Most of our adult students live in a homestay close to CAE. Being a guest in a homestay is an excellent opportunity to speak English. Our homestays are either within 30 minutes walk or less than a 5 minute bus ride from school. Students can buy a weekly bus ticket called a Mega Rider.

Antonella Milella, our Accommodation Officer knows all our hosts well, and they will be carefully selected to suit your individual needs. You will be sent a profile of the homestay chosen for you about two weeks before your arrival.

We also offer

  • Rooms with own facilities for students studying in CAE Professional Centre.
  • Summer residential accommodation for adults 18+ at one of the Cambridge University Colleges. Weekly rates for this summer only option are £215 - £250 per week.
  • Teenage Residential (14-16 years old) Courses at Princess Helena College
  • Teenage Residential (12-15 years old) Courses at Old Buckenham Hall
  • Children’s Residential (9-13 years old) Courses at Moreton Hall
  • Help and advice for booking Hotels and B+Bs.

Living in homestay

Antonella Milella, Accommodation Officer, regularly monitors our homestays.

Accommodation begins on the Sunday afternoon before the course to the Saturday morning at the end of the course. Additional nights can be booked (subject to availability).

Your host will

  • Give you your own room. Young adults 17+ may be required to share a room in the peak summer period.
  • Provide breakfast and dinner every day plus a snack lunch at weekends.
  • Be welcoming, friendly and supportive.
  • Do your laundry regularly.
  • Allow you to take a shower every day.

Places to stay

Details of Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts can be found on Cambridge Tourist Board website Look at "Where to stay" another website you can browse

Hotels used by CAE (room and continental breakfast)

Hotel Felix, Whitehouse Lane, Huntingdon Road, Cambridge
Tel +441223 277977 fax 277973
£125 - £250 a night 4* Contemporary Hotel, newly opened 2003 between Cambridge centre and CAE.

Arundel House Hotel, Chesterton Road, Cambridge
Tel +441223 367701 Fax 367721
£75 - £150 a night. 3* 5 Minute walk for bus route to CAE.
7 minute walk across the park and river Cam to Cambridge centre

Double Tree by Hilton, Granta Place, Mill Lane, Cambridge
Tel +441223 259988
£130 - £250 a night equivalent 4* 7 minutes walk from city centre, situated on river Cam. (they have fitness centre)

Cambridge City Hotel, Downing Street, Cambridge
Tel +441223 464491
£120 - £250 a night. 4* Situated in Cambridge centre

De Vere University Arms Hotel, Regent Street, Cambridge
Tel +441223 351241 Fax 315256
£120 - £350 a night. 4* Situated in Cambridge centre overlooking park.

The Varsity Hotel & Spa, Thomsons Lane, Cambridge
Tel +441223 306030
From £140 per night. 4* Situated in Cambridge centre overlooking the river and rooftop

Hotel du Vin & Bistro, 15-19 Trumpington Street, Cambridge
Tel +4484473 64253
From £150 per night. 4* Situated in Cambridge near Fitzwilliam Museum.

Bed & Breakfasts close to CAE

Artist House, Mrs. Green, Girton Road, Girton, Cambridge, CB3 0LL
Tel +441223 527491 £45 - £50 a night

Subject to availability - University College rooms


Living in a homestay will help your English. Hosts will spend some time each day talking with their students; the amount of time depends on how busy they are. Remember, YOU also need to try hard to be friendly and to make conversation.

What will my host provide?
• Breakfast and dinner every day plus a snack lunch at weekends if you are home.
• A daily bath or shower.
• A room with a table or desk where you can work

Will my host wash my clothes?
Yes, a medium-sized bag of clothes (e.g. a T shirt or shirt + underwear and socks) each day. A sweater, a pair of jeans and nightwear once a week
They will also wash your sheets and towels once a week

Will my hosts give me a key?
If you study on an adult course you will be given a key to the house, but teenage students under 18 may not.

May I use the homestay telephone or internet?
Your host may allow you to make a call using a ‘ CAE phone card’. Not all homestays have internet access. This is free at school or you can buy a pay as you go Dongle.

May I plug in my computer to homestay telephone?
Hosts are not required to provide internet or wireless access. Use CAE computers/wireless free or an Internet Café in Cambridge.

What about my room?
• All homes have central heating in the bedrooms but in England we turn off the heating at night.
• The current in UK is 220 volts. Most plugs are square 3 pin. Adaptors can be bought in Cambridge centre or from the CAE Accounts Office.

How far is my accommodation from the school?
Homes can be 25 minutes walk from school or about 5 minutes by bus. You can buy a weekly Mega Rider bus ticket on the bus.

Can I take my friends to my room?
It is polite to ask your host if you are allowed to have friends to visit and how often. They should not stay late at night. It is not normally possible to have a friend or family staying with you.

What if I have problems with my accommodation?
Try and discuss problems with your hosts first. If you are still unhappy we will help you and if necessary move you to another host.

Can I arrive or depart on a different day?
Accommodation begins on a Sunday and ends on Saturday. If you arrive or depart on a different day, there is an extra charge for this (subject to availability).

What if I have special dietary requirements?
If you are vegetarian or you are allergic to any foods please tell us on your application form so we can tell your hosts before you arrive. If they give you food you do not like please speak with them.

Can I smoke in the house?
Homes do not allow smoking in the house. We ask you to respect this and smoke outside.

Will there be other students in the house?
Some hosts accept more than one student. We do not normally place students together with those of the same mother tongue.

What happens if I take a holiday?
Students pay a weekly room retainer to keep their room if they are away a week or longer.  This applies over the Christmas holiday time too.

There is a supplement of GBP50 a week for students wishing to live in a homestay over the Christmas holiday time.

Is it possible to rent a room or apartment?
We have student residence self-catering for students aged 18+ in July and August in an old house in the grounds of Girton College.

Rooms/flats are very difficult to find and are often far from school. We are not able to arrange this type of accommodation for you.

Self Catering in Cambridge


It is possible to rent an apartment in Cambridge from the following.

It is best to contact direct as deposits have to be paid and contracts signed.
1 and 2 bedroom apartments available from GBP500 per week low season to GBP1000 high season.

Mrs Fasano
Home from Home and Accordia Apartments Cambridge Ltd.
Tel: +441223 277010 Fax 277705

City Stay Ltd.

Another website you can look at is prices excluding VAT at 20% GBP550 - GBP 995 per week.

Signet Apartments from GBP57 per night.  Serviced apartments located in Cambridge.

Your Space Cambridge Apartments - 60 service apartments 1-3 bedrooms

You can also check the web address of Cambridge Tourist Office - look in Accommodation self-catering