Legal English

Why study Legal English?

Are you in the early stages of your career in Law? Are you studying Law at university?

Excellent English skills will make you more employable and give you the confidence to move up the career ladder.

Our Legal English course focuses on communication and language skills within a legal context. The course:

  • is ideal for less-experienced working lawyers and law students;
  • provides all the English you need to work on drawing up contracts, setting up a company and corporate law;
  • develops your speaking and listening skills: advising clients, holding meetings and conducting negotiations;
  • develops your writing and reading skills: contracts, letters and emails;
  • develops your legal vocabulary;
  • takes you to the places and people who matter: there are visits to legal London and talks at CAE by members of the legal profession;
  • is led by trainers experienced in both English Language teaching and legal English;
  • includes a useful Legal English dictionary and all course materials;
  • takes place at the only British Council-recognised school in Cambridge teaching Legal English;
  • includes the CAE social programme.

"All the materials were clear and simple to understand. It was really interesting to be able to apply methodology to cases."

"The amount of vocabulary - just amazing!"

"I drafted my first contract in English!"

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Course Structure

  • Three-week courses from early July to mid September (LAW 1, 2, and 3)
  • One three-week or four-week course in January (LAW A)
  • Maximum of 12 students per class
  • 21 full hours in class each week
  • A full-day trip to legal London and visiting speakers from the legal profession

Level of English

The course is ideal for students of Intermediate and Advanced level:

Common European Framework
Intermediate (4) Can hold a basic conversation without difficulty but can’t discuss more complex issues. Some basic grammar mistakes. B1
Upper Intermediate (5) Can discuss some complex subjects fluently. Has no problem with common grammatical constructions B2
Lower Advanced (6) Can discuss a wide range of subjects with occasional mistakes. Can write with few grammatical errors. C1
Advanced (7) Can discuss a wide range of complex subjects. Wide vocabulary. Can read newspapers and magazines without much difficulty. Mistakes are about style rather than structure. C2

How else will my English improve on this course?

     You will:
  • activate and improve the English you already have;
  • develop communication skills, oral and written;
  • expand your vocabulary, legal and general;
  • learn how to keep up your English when you return home;
  • ... and above all, gain confidence in your use of English.

"Excellent speaking practice! I am so much more confident now!"