Adult Summer Courses

Key Points

  • Minimum age - 16 years
  • Elementary to Advanced (not Beginners)
  • Start dates - every Monday
  • Class size - maximum 12
  • Course content - 21 full hours plus 10 hours of teacher-assisted self-study per week
  • Wide range of electives e.g. Business, Exam preparation, Film Studies, Discussion and many others
  • Free coursebook and materials

Course Structure

  • Start any Monday
  • Minimum stay 2 weeks
  • 21 full hours in classroom + 10 hours teacher-assisted self-study per week
  • General English in the mornings + choice of afternoon electives
  • Regular 1:1 tutorials with class teacher


Afternoon classes offer a choice of electives. These may include:

  • English for Business
  • Reading for Pleasure
  • Exam Practice
  • Discovering Cambridge
  • Film Studies etc.

Class size

  • Maximum 12
  • Good mix of nationalities in each class

Level of English

When you arrive at CAE we will test your level of English. This table gives you an idea of the levels:

Beginner(1) Little or no knowledge or experience of English Common European Framework
Elementary (2) Knows basic greetings and can ask and answer simple questions A1
Lower Intermediate (3) Can hold a basic conversation (e.g. describe family) with help. Some knowledge of grammar, including past and future tenses A2
Intermediate (4) Can hold a basic conversation without difficulty but can’t discuss more complex issues. Some basic grammar mistakes. B1
Upper Intermediate (5) Can discuss some complex subjects fluently. Has no problem with common grammatical constructions B2
Lower Advanced (6) Can discuss a wide range of subjects with occasional mistakes. Can write with few grammatical errors. C1
Advanced (7) Can discuss a wide range of complex subjects. Wide vocabulary. Can read newspapers and magazines without much difficulty. Mistakes are about style rather than structure. C2