Most of our adult students live in homestay accommodation close to CAE. This is an excellent opportunity to speak English outside the school. Our homestays are either within 30 minutes’ walk or less than a 5-minute bus ride from school. You can buy a weekly bus ticket called a Megarider. This is very good value for money. You will also be able to use it to travel into Cambridge after school and at weekends.

Antonella Milella and Chloe Smissen, our Accommodation Officers, know all our hosts well. They will carefully select homestay accommodation close to CAE to suit your individual needs. You will be sent information about your homestay about two weeks before your arrival.

We also offer

  • Rooms with private shower and toilet for students studying in CAE Professional Centre
  • Summer residential accommodation for adults 18+ at one of the Cambridge University Colleges
  • Teenage Residential (14-16 years old) Courses at Princess Helena College
  • Teenage Residential (12-15 years old) Courses at Old Buckenham Hall
  • Children’s Residential (9-13 years old) Courses at Moreton Hall
  • Help and advice for booking Hotels and B+Bs

Antonella Milella and Chloe Smissen, Accommodation Officers, regularly monitor our homestays.

Accommodation begins on the Sunday afternoon before your course to the Saturday morning at the end of your course. Additional nights can be booked (subject to availability).

Your host will:

  • Give you your own room. However, young adults 16+ may be required to share a room in the peak summer period.
  • Provide breakfast and dinner every day plus a snack lunch at weekends.
  • Be welcoming, friendly and supportive.
  • Do your laundry regularly.
  • Allow you to take a shower every day.

Details of Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts can be found on the Cambridge Tourist Board website Visit Cambridge / Accommodation

Another website you can browse is Smoothhound


Hotels frequently used by CAE (room and continental breakfast)

Hotel Felix, Whitehouse Lane, Huntingdon Road, Cambridge
Tel +441223 277977 fax 277973
£125 – £250 a night
Four star contemporary Hotel between Cambridge centre and CAE.

Arundel House Hotel Chesterton Road, Cambridge
Tel +441223 367701 Fax 367721
£75 – £150 a night.
Three star hotel near the River Cam
5 Minute walk for bus route to CAE.
7 minute walk across the park and River Cam to Cambridge centre

Bed & Breakfasts close to CAE

Artist House, Mrs. Green, Girton Road, Girton, Cambridge, CB3 0LL
Tel +441223 527491 £45 – £50 a night