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4. What is your level of English?

Beginner The student has little or no knowledge or experience of English Common European Framework
Elementary The student knows all basic greetings and can ask and answer simple questions. The student has very basic knowledge of grammar, but cannot yet hold a conversation. A1
Lower Intermediate The student can hold a basic conversation (eg describing family), though sometimes only with help. Some knowledge of grammar, including past and future time. A2
Intermediate The student can hold a basic conversation without difficulty, but is not yet able to discuss more complex subjects (eg emotions or political opinions, imaginary situations). The student still makes some basic grammatical mistakes. B1
Upper Intermediate The student can discuss some complex subjects fluently (though others still cause difficulty). Common grammatical constructions cause no problem. B2
Lower Advanced The student can now discuss a wide range of subjects, though with occasional mistakes in vocabulary and grammar. The student can write with few grammatical errors. C1
Advanced The student can discuss a wide range of complex subjects, and only specialist vocabulary causes problems. The student can read authentic English (newspapers and magazines) without difficulty. Mistakes are now in style rather than structure. Some students can even distinguish between, and reproduce, different styles of speaking and writing. C2
5. Examination Details (for academic courses only)

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7. Arrival in England

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8. How did you first hear of the Cambridge Academy of English?