Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone is different but if you do all the work set, use the Study Centre and practise your English outside the classroom you should make good progress.

Our teachers have their own style of teaching but they will all encourage you to communicate in English, often through pairwork, quizzes and fun activities. You will also learn ways of continuing to learn when you leave CAE.

We will test your level of English and place you in a suitable class. If you arrive at the beginning of a 12-week term or 3-week summer course you will have a free tour of Cambridge and a welcome party in the evening.

Let your teacher advise you on a suitable study dictionary when you get here.

You will get some homework but we also expect you to practise your English in your free time, either with friends or homestay.

Many of our teachers are good linguists but we want to encourage you to speak English as much as possible. In any case, we have speakers of at least 20 different languages so you need to speak English to communicate with everyone.

Most of our students dress casually (jeans, T shirts, etc.). However, if you are on the English for Business Students course you must bring one set of smart clothes for your London study visit.