LEGIS – Frequently Asked Questions

The LEGIS course is for students with an intermediate to advanced level of English (Common European Framework: B1 – C1)

The course is open to anyone who is working in Law or interested in studying Legal English, and is also suitable for people who have no previous experience.

Students on this course study general English for 3 hours in the morning and 1.5 hours on the LEGIS course in the afternoon (4 days a week).

Learning the basic terms and vocabulary to understand legal English; practice of writing and speaking skills, all in a legal context.

The course always includes contract law and company law, criminal law and litigation. Other topics such as negligence, intellectual property, employment law, civil law and international law are included.

This is an end of course exam which test students’ knowledge of legal terms and written English. Each student receives a certificate and a report which measures their level of Legal English against the Common European Framework.

There are module tests throughout the course, which contribute to the student’s final score, and there is a final exam on the last day of the LEGIS course (the fourth Thursday afternoon). Results and certificates are presented to students the following day.

  • English for Lawyers is for practising lawyers, takes place in our 25+ Professional Centre and includes 12.5 hours of 1:1 classes as well as Small Group teaching (maximum class size 4).
  • English for Law students is for law students and newly qualified lawyers and consists of legal skills  and language for all 21 hours per week. Maximum class size 12.
  • LEGIS is an introductory course for those working in law or interested in legal English. 15 hours of General English and 6 hours of basic legal English plus LEGIT test. Maximum class size 12.