Year round Group Training

CAE Girton, Cambridge

In April 2012, the training of closed groups at Cambridge Academy of English (CAE) moved to a new level with the opening of a dedicated four-classroom complex, the Kamiya Courtyard.

At CAE we have been running such closed courses for many years and for many different kinds of clients. Some have been governmental organisations: eg the Panamanian Ministry of Education, the Abu Dhabi Police Dept, the Spanish Army. Others have involved the training of adult students and student teachers (most recently from Norway, Italy, and Germany). A third important sector has been mid-semester programmes for school-aged children (each year we teach groups from Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Italy, Chile and Thailand).

We’re combining all this experience with the advantages of a hi-tech facility designed specifically for the job.

CAE is a Trinity Exam centre – ideal for Italian PON groups.

The Kamiya Courtyard features all the very latest in architecture, IT and classroom equipment. The classrooms have been designed to be adaptable to a range of different group sizes and teaching formats.

  • State-of-the-art partitions that employ the very latest in sound-proofing technology allow adjoining classes to be combined or separated in seconds.
  • Spacious walls provide ample room for illustrations and materials specific to a particular course. The extensive floor area is ideal for activity-based learning.
  • Interactive whiteboards, integrated projection systems and all-round (free) wifi maximise the effective use of IT.
  • Large windows flood the whole building with natural light. In the evening the rooms are illuminated with systems designed to provide a warm, diffused light that is ideal for study.
  • The extensive use of wood in the overall structure produces excellent acoustics and lends the building a natural and agreeable atmosphere.
  • Under-floor heating and effective ventilation systems ensure that the rooms are dry and comfortable and the air fresh in all weathers.

The Kamiya Courtyard also has its own teachers room, quadrangle and restroom facilities. This means that the daily schedule is adapted to the group rather than to the CAE campus as a whole. In other words, closed groups at CAE now have a centre which they can regard very much as ‘their’ headquarters within the school. And yet the features that have made CAE attractive to English learners for many years – the audio-visual centre, the library, the common room, the cafeteria and, above all, the lovely gardens – will be as accessible to those studying at the Kamiya Courtyard as they are to all other CAE students.

These are groups of English learners usually from one company, school or government department who particularly need one or more of these features:

  • intensive training in an English-speaking environment
  • training that is separate from other groups or individuals
  • trainers experienced in providing English for Specific or Academic Purposes
  • a course (sometimes) as short as 1 week

They also may want:

  • a special timetable
  • a certain class size that is different from the standard CAE maximum of 12
  • The opportunity to study in small classes for some of the course – but then to come together as a larger group later

The age range of the group might also be significantly different from that of other courses being run in the school at the same time.

There is no such thing as a standard group, so we need to know as much about your requirements as possible in order to provide you with a tailor-made proposal.

We’ll need to know:

  • When you would like the course to be run, and for how long
  • The number of students in your group
  • The age range of the students
  • The current English levels of the students
  • The kind of course needed (technical, business, school examination, general)
  • What accommodation is needed (hotel, B&B, homestay)
  • What meals we should provide
  • What excursions or special visits we should include
  • Whether you would like CAE to provide transport to and from the airport.