50:50 Combination Course

You need English skills that can be practised best in groups, such as meetings or negotiations. However, you also have specific needs that are better dealt with individually with a teacher. The 50:50 Combination Course allows you to divide your day half-and-half between a small group and one-to-one.

Choose this course if you:

  • are at pre-intermediate level or above in English;
  • want to practise taking part in meetings and negotiations;
  • enjoy group work and learn well in a group;
  • would like to spend half your day in a group and half one-to-one with your teacher;
  • want to concentrate on specific topics or skills such as English for marketing;
  • need extra writing practice;
  • would like individual feedback after the group work.

What we say

“This gives you an excellent opportunity to develop your general business English skills – meetings, negotiating, discussions and social English – with a friendly international group. You’ll then be able to focus on what you need for your profession, or for a special event such as a conference. This option has always been very popular with our English for Lawyers students but is now chosen frequently by students from all professions.”

"The 50:50 Combination Course was perfect for me. A good balance between my specialised needs and a more general Business English course."

Intensive, Flexible, Professional, Effective