Small Group

Small group courses for business professionals consist of 25 full hours a week. There is a maximum of four participants in each group, all with the same level of English. You will work with students from a variety of professions and from different countries but with common needs for English. You can study for one or more weeks.

Choose this course if you:

  • are at pre-intermediate level or above in English;
  • want to practise taking part in meetings, negotiations and group discussions;
  • enjoy group work and learn well in a group.

What we say

“This is an excellent way to boost your confidence by working with professionals from around the world. You’ll take part in lively discussions and improve your negotiating and meeting skills in English alongside all the English you need for social situations. Your teacher will be there to help you develop your language and pronunciation, but the emphasis is on your communication skills. You’ll be able to continue your discussions at coffee, lunch or in the evening with your new friends in the Centre.”

"Materials and discussions on business and international affairs - very interesting! I would have loved to stay longer."

Intensive, Flexible, Professional, Effective