Frequently Asked Questions

Teenage Homestay (14-16)

Probably quite different from what you have already experienced! There’ll be lots of speaking and listening work, but with some reading and writing too. You’ll work on topics and activities of interest to young people and have lots of opportunity to use your English in real situations.

We will test you on the first day and put you in the right class. Sorry, no beginners accepted.

Your homestay is close to CAE and you are able to walk to school!  You will go out in the morning, home for dinner and then back to school for the evening programme.  We advise that you walk with friends and housemates at all times.

You only need enough money for sweets, souvenirs and presents – everything else has already been paid for. The CAE Office can keep student’s money safe until they need it.

You may be pleasantly surprised! Your homestay will give you breakfast and a hot dinner every day, and also lunch at the weekend. If you are on an excursion, they will give you a packed lunch. During the week you can have lunch at the school canteen. Don’t worry about money for meals – they’re all included in the course fee.

Your homestay will know what to do. If necessary you can see the local doctor and if it’s more serious we will refer you to the local hospital. In a real emergency we will fly you home (and the cancellation of your course is covered by the insurance included in the fee)

Remember that you have to carry your own suitcases – so don’t bring too much! We suggest:

  • comfortable everyday clothes
  • a raincoat/ waterproof jacket and a warm sweater
  • sports shoes and sports clothing
  • swimwear, towel and old shoes
  • something for the disco
  • essential toiletries
  • a tennis racquet if you play tennis

Yes, but you will need a letter/fax from your parents providing information of where you’re going and the names and contact details of the people you’re going to see. You are not allowed to travel to London alone.

We encourage you to use your spare time to practise your English at your homestay or with friends. Your teachers may give you special tasks to help you to do this.

You can make and receive calls on your phone during your free time. CAE internet linked computers are available to teenage students at agreed times. Wireless internet access for laptops and mobile phones is provided free in school.

Our full social programme will keep you busy both in the week and at weekends. We expect you to join in and we are sure you’ll have fun!