Discover Cambridge

FIRSTLY  – there’s the Cambridge the visitors know of – the city famous for The University of Cambridge, the second oldest English-speaking university in the world. Medieval streets, thirty-one magnificent Cambridge colleges: King’s; Queen’s; St John’s and twenty-eight others… , and the beautiful green spaces along the River Cam.  A place with a history of world-famous students – Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking… and James Bond!

THEN, there’s the Cambridge you might have heard of: a city famous for its many festivals, such as Jazz in the Park, the Midsummer Fair, the Big Weekend, the Strawberry Fair, and best-known of them all, the Cambridge Folk Festival (Europe’s largest gathering of folk musicians).

BUT  – there‘s also the Cambridge maybe even you didn’t know about… that’s the Cambridge at night.  The city of Cambridge has a university population of many thousands.  With so many very, very clever young people all living in one place the entertainment has to be goodvery good.  That’s why Cambridge has a fantastic selection of major theatres, multiplex cinemas and live music venues,  bars and restaurants offering every kind of food and drink.   Cambridge at night… rocks.

Visit Cambridge. There is so much to discover. Some say it is the city that changed the world! It could be the city that changes the way you see the world.