Terms & Conditions

Cambridge Academy of English ( CAE )

CAE Terms & Conditions apply if you are booking directly through the school. If you book through one of our Educational Travel Organisers (ETOs), their Terms and Conditions may apply. Any significant amendments, queries, complaints or payment issues should therefore be discussed with your ETO. These terms and conditions include special conditions for the duration of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Age Limits

1. Adult general & examination courses – minimum age 16 years. There is no maximum age limit.

2. Professional English – minimum age 25 years.

3. Legal English – minimum age 18 years.

5. Summer young learner programmes age limits 8-17 years.

6. Closed groups (with group leaders) minimum age 12 years.

Students under 18 years

1. Students under the age of 18 are considered children under UK law.

2. If you are under 18 and want to study on an adult course at CAE, the person or people with parental responsibility for you in your own country must complete a Parental Consent Form. This form outlines the rules and conditions that apply for the school to accept a booking for a student under 18. The form can be obtained from the school or from your ETO. If for any reason the school does not receive the FULL Parental Consent Form, the child will NOT be able to participate in either part or all of the course.

3. You must book homestay accommodation with half board. Residential or hotel accommodation is not available to individual students under 18.

4. Any bookings on adult courses are made on the basis that students may be over or under the age of 18.

5. 16 & 17 year old students on adult courses are not supervised except in lessons and on CAE excursions.

6. Parents or guardians of students under 18 applying for the CAE Summer Young Learner Programme should complete the CAE Young Learner Enrolment Form and agree to the rules and conditions which apply to that programme and in particular the Code of Behaviour.

7. Parents or guardians of students under 18 coming as part of a closed group should complete the Parental Consent Form.

8. All students under 18 must obey UK laws relating to the restriction of activities for under 18 year olds and in particular the purchase and consumption of alcohol and tobacco.

9. CAE has a duty of care for all students under the age of 18. For full details please see our Safeguarding Policy.

Applicants with Disabilities or Special Educational or Medical Needs

1. CAE aims to offer an inclusive service to all students regardless of their needs. However, CAE operates from a listed building with certain restrictions on mobility. CAE will not accept any student who is unable to participate safely in their course as a result of such restrictions beyond our control.

2. If you have any physical or special needs or learning difficulties (e.g. dyslexia), please give us full details when you apply for a course so that we can advise you about the suitability of the course and any reasonable additional support that we may be able to offer.

3. If you do not disclose a special need or disability when you apply, but we identify you have one when you arrive at the school, we will discuss options for special provision with you, your parents or ETO. CAE does not offer a service for identifying special needs and does not have specialist resources to do so. If it becomes clear that we cannot adequately deal with your particular needs through reasonable adjustment or by providing extra support (usually at additional cost), we will try to find a more appropriate provider in the UK or will make arrangements for you to return home (at your own cost). In such circumstances we will not refund tuition or registration fees.

How to apply to the school

1. Please book as early as possible to allow time for us to find you accommodation or for you to apply for a visa, especially for courses in the peak summer period.

2. You can either book directly with the school, or through an ETO. The completed booking form should be sent by email to CAE.

3. If you are applying direct, we will send you an invoice after we have received your enrolment form. To confirm your booking, you should then pay a non-refundable deposit of 300 GBP. Your ETO may have other deposit arrangements.

4. Once your booking has been confirmed, you have accepted the invoice and any Cancellation Period has passed, you are legally obliged to pay the full cost of the course and accommodation booked. (see Postponement or Cancellation).

5. A place in classes at CAE is guaranteed once we have received your deposit or full payment.

6. A course is defined as the whole period of booking and may include different types e.g. General English, examination preparation, Legal English, etc.

7. If you book through an ETO, all information and documents will usually be sent directly to the ETO and the ETO will be responsible for answering any of your questions.

8. Visa letters, if required, will be sent after a deposit of 300 GBP has been received.

9. Accommodation information including travel details will usually be sent a few days or weeks after the other documents, depending on how far in advance you are booking.

10. Confirmation of your airport transfer (if booked) will be sent after we have received your flight details.

11. Please tell us if you need your documents to be posted. Extra charges will apply.

12. If we cannot accept your booking for a specific period, we will offer you an alternative wherever possible.


1. You or your ETO must ensure you have the correct visa or leave to remain that allows you to study full time at CAE.

2. CAE can supply documentation to support your application for a visa.

3. If we find when you start your course that you do not have the correct visa type or appropriate leave to remain in the UK, we will terminate your course and your fees will not be refunded.

4. To fulfil our obligations to you, and to the UKVI, we must see and photocopy your passport and visa (if required) or identity card when you start your course.

How to Pay

1. The prices quoted are for full payment in advance for all course fees and accommodation. If we have not received full payment by the start of your course, you will not be admitted to class and will have to leave any accommodation booked by the school.

2. If you are booking through an ETO, all payments should be made to the ETO, and the ETO is responsible for paying the school in advance, unless alternative arrangements have been made.

3. All students applying direct should pay a deposit of 300 GBP at the time of booking. This deposit will be deducted from the full fees due.

4. For non-EU students, a deposit of 300 GBP must be paid before visa support documents are sent.

5. For all other students, we must receive full payment of your fees (less registration fee) a minimum of 14 days before the start of your course. If you are booking fewer than 14 days before arrival, you must pay the fees in full when you book.

6. All payments must be in Pounds Sterling (GBP). Payment details will be printed on your invoice.

Sterling Bank
The Willow Education Limited trading as Cambridge Academy of English

Starling Bank, 5th Floor, London Fruit and Wool Exchange, 1 Duval Square, London, E1 6PW

Bank code: 60-83-71

Account : 3551 3673


IBAN  :   GB80SRLG60837135513673

NB: Please ensure you pay all bank charges (including UK charges) & we receive the full amount.

Credit card Visa or Mastercard.via Flywire
UK bank cheque Payable to The Willow Education Limited

7. Please ensure you include your name and invoice number on the form for any type of payment.

8. If you or your ETO are paying by bank transfer, please email us a copy of the transfer document as proof of payment.


1. If you decide to change or postpone your course or your accommodation or make any other changes to your booking, this must be done in writing by email. If you booked direct, you should write to the school. If you booked through an ETO, the ETO should contact us about the booking.

2. There may be an administration charge  each time you make changes. New documents will only be issued after any such charge has been paid.

3. We will not charge for changes due to visa delays, provided the visa has been applied for in good time.

4. Major changes (e.g. reducing course hours or weeks or cancelling accommodation) cannot be made after we have sent documents in support of a visa application.

5. If a booking is postponed more than 14 days before the arrival date, no further charges apply.

6.You cannot postpone your booking for a student residence if you inform us less than 14 days before your arrival date. If you do postpone less than 14 days before your arrival date, you will still be liable for up to four weeks’ fees from your original accommodation dates.

7. Postponement is only possible if there is space on the new course dates requested. If space is not available on the requested dates, the nearest available dates will be offered.

8. You may postpone your course to start up to 12 months after your original start date. Additional fees may be due if prices have increased.

Insurance Cover

1. Visitors to the UK are usually given free accident or emergency treatment but you will be charged for any other medical treatment unless you come from the EU.

2. We therefore strongly recommend you purchase insurance to cover fees or costs in case of cancellation, leaving your course early, flights, medical expenses, emergency dental treatment, personal belongings, money, personal liability, etc.

3. If you purchase insurance from your ETO or another supplier, we will ask for details when you arrive in the school.

4. Insurance for medical emergencies and personal belongings is automatically included for students on our young learner summer programme.

5. CAE will not be responsible for resolving any problems or difficulties which arise from your lack of insurance cover.


1. For direct bookings made ‘at a distance’ (e.g. via our website, by telephone or by email) you have the right to cancel with a full refund of monies paid, without giving a reason, within 14 days (the Cancellation Period) of the school receiving your booking. We must receive your cancellation in writing by post or email within the Cancellation Period.

2. We will not start providing services to you during the Cancellation Period (including supplying documents to support a visa application) unless you request us to do so in writing. If your course is due to start within 14 days of us receiving your booking, you may lose your right to a Cancellation Period for any accommodation arranged by the school.

3. Cancellation fees vary  according to when the cancellation is received by CAE and are stated clearly in the table below.

4. If you have booked through an ETO, refund requests can only be made to the ETO and are subject to their terms and conditions.

5. If your application for a Short Term Student Visa is refused, you or your ETO MUST send us a copy of the signed letter of refusal from the UKVI. No refunds will be processed until we receive the letter.

6. Refunds are only given for complete course or accommodation weeks.

7. If you have booked through an ETO any refund will only be made to that ETO.

8. Refunds are always made to whoever paid your fees and to the same bank account or credit card.

9. The UK Border Agency will be informed about non-EU students who do not arrive on the agreed date or who leave their course early.

10.In the unlikely event of a course cancellation by CAE, there are a number of options open to you:

i) Transfer to another CAE course of similar provision and length whether in the same year or the next year at no further cost;

ii) Assistance finding a suitable course with another trusted partner school, if appropriate;

iii) Refund of course fees.

11. See chart below for charges which apply after the Cancellation Period.

14 days or more before course starts
Full fees refunded, except 300 GBP deposit
Less than 14 days before study period begins 50% refund.
Late arrival, early departure or missing part of booked period of study No refund given.
Visa refusal *
(see no 5 in
this section)
All tuition fees returned.
Refund of accommodation fees after notice period.
No refund of bank charges, other expenses incurred by CAE or postal courier fees.


1. Accommodation is only arranged for full time students and only while you are studying at the school. If you leave the school, you will be asked to leave your accommodation.

2. The school acts as an agent in booking accommodation.

3. All accommodation is subject to availability. Please book early and give a second choice where applicable.

4. All accommodation fees should be paid through the school.

5. Accommodation should be booked to start on the Sunday before the start of your course and finish on the Saturday after the end of your course. Arriving or departing on other days may occasionally
be possible, but only if available and on payment of supplementary charges.

6. We will try to meet all your accommodation requirements. However, where this is not possible, we will give priority to medical requirements such as allergies.

7. Unless otherwise requested, you will be the only person in your homestay accommodation speaking your native language.

8. Before making your travel arrangements, please see our price list or website for check-in times.

9. Send us your full travel details as soon as you have booked the flights or train.

10. If you decide to leave your accommodation early, the following notice periods apply. Homestay – 2 weeks. Residences – 4 weeks before arrival and after arrival.

11. Accommodation refunds will only be made for full calendar weeks.

12. Speak to the Office if you are unhappy with your accommodation. If necessary, we will find you alternative accommodation. You cannot request a change of accommodation just because you want to be nearer to the school.

13. After 2 changes of accommodation made at the request of either the host or student, CAE reserves the right to refuse to provide further accommodation.

14. Homestay accommodation is only suitable for students who are prepared to adapt to living with British hosts.

15. If you stay in a residence, you are expected to obey the rules of that residence.

16. If you do not behave reasonably in your accommodation you will be asked to leave and find your own accommodation.

17. Friends or relatives cannot visit unless the accommodation provider has given permission. Friends or relatives cannot stay overnight at your accommodation.

18. CAE cannot guarantee you can stay with one accommodation provider throughout your stay. Changes might occur because of emergencies, holidays or on rebooking.

19. If you go on holiday during your course, you will have to pay for your accommodation while you are away, unless you cancel your accommodation completely (2 weeks’ notice for homestay accommodation; 4 weeks’ notice for residential accommodation).

20. You are responsible for any damage you cause in your accommodation and must pay the accommodation provider for the repair / replacement.

21. If you book your own accommodation, instead of the school accommodation, you must give your address and contact phone number to the CAE Office. Please advise the CAE Office of any further changes in your contact details.

Studying English

1. Maximum class sizes are detailed in our price list and on our website. Closed group class sizes are by arrangement.

2. We reserve the right to cancel or alter courses. In this case you will be offered an alternative course of equal value.

3. We will make every effort to ensure you can attend the course for which you booked. In the unlikely event of a particular course not taking place, we reserve the right to arrange a reduced number of lessons or offer a course of equal value.

4. We reserve the right to change teachers at any time during a course.

5. CAE only accept absolute beginners (A0) or very advanced students (C2) on specific dates. 6. If you are not sure of your level of English, please contact us before booking so you can do a barrier test.

7. You will take a placement test on the first day of your course to ensure you are placed in the correct level.

8. If your level of English is unsuitable for the course you have booked, we reserve the right to move you to a more suitable one, or refuse you admission to the school. If we have to move you to a more expensive course, you will have to pay the difference.

9. All students must be able to read and write Roman script. We do not offer literacy lessons at the school.

10. We reserve the right to determine the best course of study for any student.

11. Your progress will be monitored by your teachers and you will be moved levels when appropriate.

12. You will be expected to do regular homework.

Extensions & Repeat Bookings

1. If you want to extend your course or accommodation, please speak to your ETO or the CAE Office. Extensions are only possible if there is space available.

2. We cannot guarantee you will be able to stay in the same class group or accommodation.

3. Course extensions are charged at the rate appropriate to the number of weeks you originally booked.

4. Payment for extensions must be made in full in advance either through your ETO or direct to the school.

5. If you extend your booking, no extra registration fee will be charged.

Attendance, Absence & Conduct

1. We expect all students to come to lessons regularly, do their homework, and arrive on time. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late for any lesson you may not be allowed into class until after the break.

2. We keep attendance registers.

3. If you miss a lesson, regardless of the reason, we cannot give you a refund or allow you to take the lesson at another time.

4. If you attend a minimum of 80% of your course, you will be given an attendance certificate when you leave.

5. If you are a sponsored student, we will report poor attendance to your sponsor.

6. We expect students to behave reasonably at all times towards other students, school staff and accommodation providers and to respect cultural, racial and religious differences.

7. We expect students to speak English at all times in the school.

8. We reserve the right to tell students to leave the school for poor attendance or unacceptable behaviour. If this happens, you will not be entitled to any refund of fees. You will not be allowed to remain in any accommodation arranged by the school.

9. Unacceptable behaviour includes for example, unsatisfactory attendance or work, aggressive physical or verbal behaviour towards other students or members of staff, drug abuse, dishonesty, or causing deliberate damage to the school premises or accommodation.

10. The school expects all students to adhere to the CAE rules throughout their stay.


1. If your course booking extends over two calendar years, we will automatically exclude the Christmas & New Year holidays.

2. If one of your sessions is on a public holiday when the school is closed, you will not be given a refund or be allowed to take the class on another date.

3. Holidays must be complete calendar weeks.

4. We must receive your holiday request a minimum of 2 weeks in advance.

5. If you are on a long course you should pre-book the number of weeks’ holiday you wish to take when you book.

6. If holidays are not pre-booked, tuition fees will not be refunded. Your holiday weeks will instead be added to the end of your existing course or you will be given a course credit to be sed by you within a 12 month period.

7. CAE cannot guarantee you are placed in the same class group or accommodation when you return from holiday.

Personal Information

1. We keep your information in electronic and paper format.

2. Some of the personal information you supply will be passed on, for example, to accommodation providers or the airport meeting service. We must also give information to UKVI or other authorities, if required to do so under UK law.

3. By accepting these Terms & Conditions you accept our right to use your personal information in the ways described.

4. You must keep us informed of any changes to your UK address, mobile phone number, email address, or emergency details of your next of kin.

Photographs and Videos

1. Lessons cannot be filmed or otherwise recorded in any way without written permission of a Director.

2. CAE may take video or still photographs of students for promotional purposes.

3. You (or your parents if you are under 18 years of age) must inform the school in writing before your course starts if you do not allow us to use such images.


1. CAE does not accept liability in the case of accident, illness, loss or damage to personal effects or property, (a) occurring on the school premises, except where such liability is imposed under UK law, or (b) where transport has been booked through the school.

2. CAE does not accept liability for losses or additional expenses you might incur because of cancellation or delays of your travel services.

3. In the case of infectious diseases, you and/or your parents/guardians are required to comply with rules regarding quarantine as set by government agencies or by the school.

4. CAE is not liable for failure to perform its obligations if the failure is because of external events not under the school’s control (e.g. war, terrorist activities, natural disasters, earthquakes, hurricanes, infectious diseases, pandemics, labour dispute, failure of electricity, internet, phone service or water supply etc.), provided we can prove we took reasonable steps to inform you or your ETO and to minimise delay or damages caused by foreseeable events.


1. The school reserves the right to change published information, including prices, lesson times and Terms & Conditions at any time.

2. The school reserves the right to hold lessons in other premises should the need arise.

3. VAT (Value Added Tax) is not charged on CAE tuition fees. If the UK government decides to charge VAT on tuition fees at language schools, CAE reserves the right to change prices as necessary.

Complaints & Disputes

1. At CAE we will always encourage you to tell us how you feel and if you have any problems or suggestions. All members of staff are willing to listen to you at any time.

2. If you are unhappy with any aspect of our service, teaching, accommodation, etc., then please speak to a member of staff immediately. We will try to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

3. If the problem is not resolved to your satisfaction, you should ask to speak to a Director.

4. In the unlikely event the complaint is still not resolved, you, your parents/guardians or your ETO should give a Director a full written report of the complaint.

5. We will investigate the complaint fully, provided it has been received before the end of your course and all fees have been paid. We will not accept any complaint made after you have completed your course.

6. If, after due consideration, we consider the complaint reasonable we will make an appropriate recompense
(financial or otherwise).

7. If we do not consider the complaint reasonable, and you wish to take the dispute further, then you can write to the Chief Executive at English UK, 47 Brunswick Court, Tanner Street, London SE1 3LH.

8. All disputes are handled under UK law.

Student Emergency Support Fund

1. As a member of English UK, CAE students are automatically protected by the English UK Student Emergency Support Fund. This ensures that in the unlikely event the school closes, our students can complete their studies at another language school and will not lose any money they have paid for their

2. Full details can be found at – http://www.englishuk.com/en/members/information-for-members/student-emergency-support-fund