CAE Stories: a love story…my life story


Dearest CAE friends,

Let me tell you some of my life story, which is in the end, a life-long CAE love story –

In 1990, my parents became Spanish agents for Cambridge Academy of English. My brother and I started travelling to England with them every summer when they accompanied their students.  After a few such summers, I was finally old enough and joined the summer course myself – at Moreton Hall in 1995.

Moreton Hall 1995! Wow! It was a great summer! And an amazing experience.  I met new friends from all over the world. And from then on, I dreamed of going to CAE every year to meet up with them again and again, and again. Dreams do come true and I started coming every summer. My English got better, and I made more great friends every year. We used to write letters to each other all year long. It was our way to keep in touch until we were reunited the following summer. We shared so many happy experiences and memories.

For me, the CAE Summer really was my favourite part of each year. These were the best days of my life. The CAE summer gave me  a chance to meet people from all over the world. It gave me the chance to learn to be myself – happy, free, outgoing, and open-minded. These were the experiences which shaped me and made me the woman that I am today.

When I turned eighteen (and sadly too old to join the courses), I became a group leader. I escorted our Spanish students and spent time with them. I shared this role with my boyfriend at the time…  not surprisingly he loved it too, and this became another love story. Happily, years later he is now my husband, and we have a little boy of our own, Matteo.

In 2020, I took over as CAE agent from my parents. I was excited to continue the deep connection with CAE – the school which is so important to me.  Soon it was my turn to accompany a lucky group of excited Spanish children on their own life-changing summer experience at Cambridge Academy of English –

And this time I travelled to England, to CAE, with my husband and my own little son – And so, the story which started with my parents in 1990, continues … through the years and the generations… and a love story, our life story comes around in a full circle. Wonderful isn’t it?

I am sure you have your own CAE stories? Your story will be different from mine but each story is personal and powerful. Let’s share them. I am so curious to read yours.

With lots of love, Piti from Spain.

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