Summer Examination Course - FCE & CAE

The Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) and the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) are two of the world's most famous examinations in English for non-native speakers.

For many years all training led to exams just two or three times a year. Now, following a major expansion in availability, it's possible to choose from a range of examination dates throughout the year, including during the summer.

Yet... many schools and institutions are unwilling to provide Cambridge examination preparation in their busy summer period.

But Cambridge Academy of English is perfectly adapted to offer such programmes!

Our secret is the highly flexible daily timetable of our General English programme, which has been providing students aged 17+ with an exciting set of options for many years - including exam preparation. So a typical day for a student wishing to prepare for a summer Cambridge examination will look like this:

  • In the morning students follow a course of training in the four skills - Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing - using a course book based on the FCE or CAE syllabus. (15 hours/week)
  • In the afternoon, a specialist examinations 'workshop' focuses on the particular examination the student wishes to take. A favourite activity in such workshops is an attempt at a sample FCE or CAE question under simulated examination conditions - followed immediately by an analysis of the answers with the trainer. (6 hours/week)
  • And then the late afternoon offers the opportunity to complete private study assignments based on exam materials from the school library, with a teacher on hand to provide assistance when needed. (10 hours/week)

Those familiar with Cambridge Academy of English courses will see that this daily schedule is in fact no different from our Cambridge FCE and CAE preparation classes at other times of year. Non-summer programmes differ from the above only in that the majority of students tend to prefer courses of 8-12 weeks (though shorter programmes are also available outside the summer).

Dates and Fees

The dates and tuition fees for our Summer Cambridge Examination Courses in 2019 are:

17 June - 26 July (6 weeks) £1830
Exam dates: CAE - 24 July, FCE - 25 July

15 July - 23 August (6 weeks) £1830
Exam dates: CAE - 23 August, FCE - 22 August

Students who study for a shorter period of 2-4 weeks will be charged at £315 per week