Christmas Books


John Barnett, CAE Former Principal, had a very special day just before Christmas 2019. John was invited to Heffers, Cambridge’s biggest bookshop to sign copies of his children’s Christmas book. We wonder when the next Windy B story will be out?

WINDY B – The Christmas Lights Written by John Barnett. Illustrations by Alice Jamieson.
When Fred Roll, Windy B’s favourite baker, opened his shop door early one December morning, a gust of wind blew in an invitation to take part in the annual Christmas Lights competition. Just like his Dad many years before, it was something that Fred just could not resist. For Fred, his wife Heidi, and everybody living in the amazing Bumble Bay, this particular Christmas would be one that they would never ever forget!

To get your very own copy for Christmas 2022, visit or  And be sure to follow the talented illustrator @alicejamieson too.

Class of 2023: Summer Success


2023 saw the successful return of the our summer courses for young learners. And what a wonderful summer it was!  Evidence to the power of language and shared experience, adventure, discovery, friendship, impressive spaces, places and opportunity… But most of all: it was about each one of you: each name on this image, each person: […]

This time next week…


July 2023: This time next week… We will be settling in at CAE Bedford School with the newly arrived Young Learner Class of 2023 : joining us from 20 different countries! What an wonderful prospect! Ready for Adventure. Together again. After so long. A privilege and A joy. We are excited! Last few places available… […]