Junhee shares news of her successful internship in Germany


CAE loves to keep in contact with old students, so we were delighted when Junhee, from South Korea, came to see us a few weeks ago to tell us about her successful internship in Germany.  Junhee studied with us for several months and then took the Cambridge Advanced examination, passing with flying colours! She returned home to continue studying for her degree in English Literature and Consumer Studies. However, her excellent English helped her gain an internship with BMW in Munich. Junhee thoroughly enjoyed her time there and made great use of the English she had learned at CAE, both at work and socially. This is what she says about CAE:

“My time at CAE was my first experience of staying in a foreign country, but I didn’t feel lonely at all. I met the friendliest people there, making friends from all around the world – I’ve even been to visit some of them on my travels! – sharing their culture and of course improving my English throughout. Many thanks to CAE for offering such a great international experience!”


Sami and Abdullah start degrees at UK universities


Congratulations to Sami (right in photo) and Abdullah (left in photo), who studied at CAE last year. Both students took the IELTS exam at the end of the course. They achieved the high scores needed to gain a place at a UK university. Sami, who comes from Saudi Arabia, is now studying Electric and Electronic […]

Aybike starts Master’s Degree and international teaching post in Turkey


At CAE we love to hear from our past students and find out what they’re doing now. Aybike from Turkey studied with us in the Upper Intermediate class in 2017. Here she describes, in her own words, how learning English at CAE has helped her with her career. ” I’ve been accepted as a research […]