Meet our clients and students

Companies and organisations from Europe, South America, Africa, the Middle East and South-East Asia trust us to train their staff quickly and effectively.

Industry sectors include law, banking, finance, accounting and auditing, IT, engineering, energy, manufacturing, medicine, science, food production, hospitality, fashion and jewellery, education, local and national government, the armed forces and transport.

Here are some students who have recently studied at the Professional Centre:

Haruki is 40 years old and from Japan. After a promotion, he needed to attend trade fairs in Europe as the senior representative of his company.

Maria José works for an engineering company in northern Spain. She already had a very high level of English and was chosen by her company to take a one-year International Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). This is taught entirely in English. After her MBA, Maria José will be posted to work in an Asian subsidiary for a year.

Bernard works for a German engineering company which specialises in renewable energy. He needs to work with colleagues in a new overseas subsidiary. He has to brief colleagues on current and future projects, and also make sure that the new subsidiary follows the correct procedures.

Antonia is an Italian lawyer. She had just started a new job in an international law firm in Milan and would soon be dealing with clients from Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Intensive, Flexible, Professional, Effective