Individual Training

An Individual Training course enables you to study one-to-one with a teacher for all your lessons. This is for students with specialised training needs, from beginner to advanced level. One-to-one lessons may develop the English for a certain profession or they may focus on a specific task, such as preparing for a forthcoming conference. You can choose how many hours you would like to study: 25 or 30.

Choose this course if you:

  • want to concentrate on special topics or skills e.g. English for finance, engineering or government;
  • are preparing for a specific event, such as a conference or a training session;
  • need to focus on writing practice;
  • are a beginner or if your English is very advanced.

What we say

“Individual training is perfect for students who really need to focus on their English, and fast. Whether you have just been promoted to a job which requires English communication skills or are preparing for a special event, the focus will be on you alone. You should also choose this option if your level of English is elementary or very advanced. Most students who come to us are pre-intermediate to low advanced, so you would find group work more difficult if you were above or below these levels. Don’t worry, however – we can still practise meeting and negotiation skills with you. Individual training is hard work, but you will be amazed by the results.”

"It was very good to receive high-quality tuition with specially-designed materials."

Intensive, Flexible, Professional, Effective