Frequently Asked Questions

Teenage Residential (12-15)

They are energetic, appropriately qualified and experienced in working with teenagers. They will not only teach English, but also sports and other activities.

Our students come from all over the world. In the past we have had teenagers from over 20 different countries on our teenage residential courses!

CAE OBH at Bedford School is recommended for teens aged 12 to 15. In special circumstances CAE may accept students of minimum age 11 or maximum age 16.

Students only need enough money for sweets, souvenirs and presents – everything else has already been paid for. The Course Director can keep students’ money safe until they need it.

We have staff with first aid training available at all times to deal with emergencies. All but the most minor problems are referred to the local doctor. In the most serious cases arrangements are made to fly the student home. Standard Personal Insurance is included in your course fees.

All the meals are provided in the school dining room so students and teachers can eat together. Breakfast usually includes cereal, toast and fruit juice. For lunch and dinner the menu is varied and includes meat, fish, cheese, potatoes, rice, salad, pizza, fruit and vegetables. Vegetarian options are available, and special dietary needs are fully catered for. On excursions, everyone will have a packed lunch.

Feeling homesick is quite normal for the first day or so, especially if this is a first trip away from home. Our staff are experienced in dealing with homesickness and will help students through difficult moments. A full and varied programme means that homesickness is quickly forgotten.

We encourage students to use English on all our courses. For this reason, we decide who is going to sleep in which bedroom, so that everyone has a chance to make new friends and practise their English. This means that friends may sleep in rooms near each other, but not in the same room.

Student clothing and towels will be washed at least once a week. Please do not bring any expensive or very delicate items. Bed linen is changed regularly.

Teenage students at Bedford School are not allowed out of the school grounds unaccompanied.  Excursions are supervised by staff at all times. Students carry a CAE identity card and are given clear safety guidelines. Some free time will be allowed for souvenir shopping in small friendship groups.

It gives today’s teenagers the opportunity to make friends from all over the world, while improving their English.